About Me

Hi there and thanks for visiting! I’m Munish.

I have a passion for excellent responsive design and a deep understanding of usability and accessibility. In order to understand and manage user experiences, I dig deep into understanding the user base from the ground up. I work with customers and users, really listening to their ideas, problems, needs, and aspire to model the entire design process around what I discover and to manifest a website that meets those needs and expectations.

  • I also create and design content and flows, making models, wireframes, and storyboards. I understand the technical life-cycle of websites, applications and products and work with other departments to create one whole, streamlined, beautiful solution.


I am always juggling multiple projects and solving complex design problems. I have worked on large-scale e-commerce web applications, designed, and maintained entire University web and social media presences, and designed an online community modeled after leading-edge content and community sites.

While I have worked on large-scale, mobile friendly, e-commerce and business designs, my work has also encompassed smaller businesses, informational, and social media designs. My passion lies in helping create simple and beautiful solutions out of complex problems and this drives me outside of work as well.

  • I love listening to music, especially the Punjabi genre, and whether I’m designing, driving, or doing household chores you could always find me grooving to the music. In my free time you’ll find me catching up on TV shows and the latest movies. Current favorites include Game of Thrones and Person of Interest while old favorites include Friends and Fringe. I also enjoy planning and going on trips with friends and finding out all there is to know about a new location.

I’m currently based in the DC Metro Area but love to travel, experience, and explore new locations.