UI Design 99Bumpers - Classified AD Website for Cars

The Client

The main objective of the project is to design & develop a classified ad website for cars. Using the website, sellers & dealers can showcase their used cars. Users can get the detailed info about the listed used cars.
The website will incorporate a proprietary CMS system through which system admin cans update the contents of the CMS pages. Vehicles that come into the facility are inspected and re-certified for sale to the public. 99Bumpers was trying to do what some analysts believed not to be possible - sell used cars profitably on a national scale, and at the same time revamp the tarnished image of the used car salesman.

My Role

I worked directly with the client as a UI Designer on this project. While designing this website I kept in mind that the design and flow of the website should be resourceful, informative, and serve as marketing while also providing a user-friendly environment which emphasizes access to services, and business opportunities. Also, I keep consistent orientation and navigational aids, such as hierarchical menus that tell users how deep they are into a topic or subtopic.

  • I led the web platform design for 99Bumpers. I also led the efforts of discovering the user’s pain points and designed a better user experience.
  • I researched and designed ideas that met both customer needs and business goals. I prioritized and negotiated features for the first release.
  • I designed the wireframes, mockups, and prototypes and coordinated with the developers to ensure proper implementation of the design.


The Solution

Well, simply put, we created a custom solution for them to be able to clearly communicate their unique value proposition and to sell with minimal effort through their website. This started with a complete rebranding repositioning project to create a brand and deliver core messaging that would not only communicate their uniqueness, but also resonate with their target audience.

The next phase was to design and create a beautiful car buying experience online, one that was not only easy to use, but that mimicked the great customer service and personal attention that visitors to their dealership receive and that converted visitors to buyers, providing qualified leads. Not only did we design a site that was easy to navigate and search to find your dream car, we created a set of unique tools and features to help facilitate the buying process including:

  • A price and car specification comparison tool
  • Payment Calculator
  • Local Financier Finder
  • Search filter by Model, Year, Mileage or by vehicle type

The Results

This new site has allowed the client to push the envelope for selling cars online and do a larger percentage of the sales process on their website. Not only has their new site launch lead to increased sales month over month, but also an increase in the number of cars they’ve been able to provide for their customers.

The website makes it much simpler for the admins and sales team to gain heavily qualified leads and automates the business to free up 99Bumpers to do what it does best: love cars.